Heavy-Duty Full Motion Wall Mount for 32"-55" LED, 3D LED, LCD TV's
The universal hole pattern allows the wall mount to hold TV's from 32" to 55". Hanging TVs bigger or smaller then the specified size is not recommended.
The wall mount has a maximum load weight limit of 25kg or 55lb. This means that hanging anything heavier than 55lb/25kg is not recommended and not safe.
Once you hang your TV on this bracket, the distance between the TV and the wall will be min 4.92in to max 24.21in. This will allow you to leave enough space for the cables that are plugged in to the TV. This feature is useful in particular when your cables are not coming out of your wall directly behind the TV.
Tilting option: This bracket will allow you to tilt the TV from - 15 degrees to 15 degrees. This feature is especially convenient if you need to change the angle of your TV upwards or downwards in order to adjust the monitor position according to your preferences. This option is available whether it's hung up or at the mid-lower level.
Swiveling option: This bracket allows to swivel a tv monitor 90 degree to the right and 90 degree to the left side. It provides you a unique opportunity to watch your TV from almost any location of the room.
Steering wheel like option: This completely unique feature enables the bracket to move your TV monitor 5 degrees side to side.
Another useful feature of this wall mount is a bubble level. The bubble level will help to hang your TV at the straight angle without having to use fancy, expensive laser precision tools.
Features & Specifications:
-15 degree - +15 degree up and down tilt
180 degree swivel
-5 degree - +5 degree level adjustment
Universal hole patterns 426mm x 204mm (16.77 in x 8.03 in)
Vesa compliant: 200x200, 400x200
Distance from TV to Wall: 125mm-615mm(4.92 in - 24.21 in)
Support flat panel TV up to 55 LB
Built-in screen level adjustment
Color: Black