GIGABYTE AORUS WATERFORCE X 240 series cpu cooler has 240mm radiator. The new style design and wide compatibility with INTEL and AMD motherboards allow you to select processors more accurately and flexibly for matching. At the same time, it is equipped with ASETEK water-cooled sleeves to make installation more convenient. Innovative circular LCD display mode. The entertainment level is upgraded, and more playback modes are provided. Through the RGB Fusion2.0 software, players can create their own beliefs and fun, multiple belief modes, and support video playback, GIF or JPG files can be played, customized text mode can be input in multiple languages, fan lighting can be further Other RGB peripheral lights are synchronized, so that customers can easily show their own style. Rotatable design. 330 degree manual rotation design, you can freely adjust your favorite angle. MICRO SD expansion design. AORUS' Micro SD expands the storage space to play more videos and photos you like. The increased diameter of the water-cooling pipe design increases the water flow by 37% compared with the first-generation water sculpture, effectively and more quickly removing the waste heat generated by the CPU. Ceramic water pump shaft structure design. Three-year warranty covered and service provided by manufacturer authorized and entrusted Newegg Seller Sennow. Please refer to seller profile for detailed information. 120mm fan deliver improved airflow for extreme CPU cooling performance.
Product Features:
Fan size:120mm*120mm*25mm
Radiator Size: 296mm x 120mm x 27mm
Fan speed : 700 - 2500+/-10%RPM
Maximum air volume: 16.92-60.07 CFM
Number of fan blades:9 leaves