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This cable is Ideal for use with typical computer sound cards, projectors, portable music players, etc. Also great for serial or IR remote control that often uses shielded pair wire for transmission of transmit, receive, and ground signals.
It is compatible with your I phone, I touch, I pad, MP3 and MP4. With this cable, you can transfer the audio to the speaker.
3.5mm Stereo Plug Male to Male Audio Cable.
Perfect for extending the length between your audio devices with 3.5mm mini headphone jacks.
Ideal for connecting I pods and other portable media devices to the auxiliary inputs on stereo head units.
Great for any stereo or multi-channel audio application,including DVD, DVD-Audio, CD, IPOD, MP3 player.
Provide a quality connection for your PC's sound card or portable CD player to a set of multimedia speakers.
Gold-Plated connectors
Length: 6ft
Colour: Black

Package include:
1 x Audio Stereo cable 3.5mm to 3.5 mm

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