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Aluminium Core for Hi-Performance

# Solid aluminium core coupled with hi-performance thermal compounds and pads conducts excess heat away from the key hot zones of the APU and Voltage Power Management (VRM) regulators to the aluminium body.

# Keeping your system silently cool and running smoothly without thermal throttling

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Supports up to Four 4K Displays

#The Turing A50 MKII case provides connector openings for connectivity of four 4K displays.

#Perfect for an array of business applications such as security and digital signage.

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Superb Cooling Performance

# Excess heat from APU and VRM is effectively transferred from the aluminium core to the all-aluminium body which acts as a heatsink to dissipate the heat to the surrounding.

# Ensuring the system runs at optimal thermal performance without cooling fans.

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Contemporary & Made-to-Last Design

# Aluminium case provides durability and long-lasting use.

# Coupled with symmetrically extruded fins and striking classical inspired panels for stunning aesthetics and functionality, which means the case looks great in any environment.

Compact Design
  • Highly versatile fanless case that can be positioned both vertically and horizontally to fit perfectly in any environment.
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Compact Design & Full Access to Connectivity Ports

# Access to the multiple Input/Output ports including DisplayPort, SD card slot and microphone array.

# It can be used as a PC or HTPC. Ideal for home and business applications from digital signage to home-theatre setups and more.

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  1. Material: Aluminium
  2. Motherboard Types: UCFF 4" X 4"
  3. Motherboard Support: ASUS Mini PC PN51 and PN50 (5000 series up to Ryzen 7)
  4. Maximum TDP Support: 25W
  5. Dimensions: 113.5 x 95 x 273.9mm (W x D x H)
  6. Drive Bays: 2.5" SSD/HDD x 1 (up to 9.5mm)
  7. Antenna Fitting Holes: 2
  8. Security: Kensington lock
  9. Product Code: A-NUC62-M1BV2
  • Front I/O Opening: Power button, power and HDD LED, IR receiver opening, USB Type-A port , USB Type-C port , HD Audio in/out, Dual microphone array, SD card slot

  • Rear I/O: DC-in port, USB Type-A port x2, RJ45 LAN port, Type-C port, HDMI port, DisplayPort

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