[ Enhanced Ports Connectivity ] - Access to the multiple Input/Output ports including DisplayPort, SD card slots and Microphone Array. | [ Suitable for up to Ryzen 7 5700U ] - Compact fanless case for ASUS PN51 and PN50 with 5000 and 4000 Series AMD Ryzen processors and Radeon Vega 7 Graphics. | [ Aluminium Core for Hi-Performance ] - Excess heat away from the key hot zones of the APU and VRM regulators to the thermal module to the all-aluminium body. | [ Silent Fanless Cooling Design ] - Ensuring the system runs at optimal thermal performance and an ultra quiet operation experience without cooling fans.

| [ Complete Versatility ] - Supports up to four 4K Displays and the case can be positioned vertically or horizontally, ideal for digital signage, home-theatre setups and more.