Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker Package – Black

Set your sound free! The Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Bluetooth computer speakers let you listen to music, movie soundtracks and games in amazing 2.1 audio without being tied to your desk.

Based on the original Promedia 2.1—the first three piece computer system to ever be THX® certified— the new wireless version lets you move your laptop or notebook freely up to 30 feet, while still enjoying your favorite audio content.

The system’s two-way speakers with legendary Klipsch MicroTractrix Horns are still the gold standard for computer speakers, while the 200-watt subwoofer provides the added punch that makes your audio content come to life.

The Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers are true “plug-and-play” system; just connect the USB wireless transmitter into your computer and in moments you’ll enjoy your iTunes, Internet radio and more like never before. Plus, its robust 2.4 GHz wireless technology won’t interfere with other wireless devices, such as cordless phones, so nothing stands in the way of you and amazing sound.

Easy to set up and operate, the ProMedia 2.1 Wireless makes every song, every movie and every game more powerful—and frees you to be where you want to be…not tied to one spot!

Tip – iPhone and iPod Touch owners with a Wi-Fi connection can use Apple’s Remote Application to wirelessly control the iTunes on their computers.

Power and Detail

Kiss lackluster performance goodbye because with our ProMedia 2.1 PC Speakers, you’ll be swept away by the sheer power, detail and emotion of your favorite music, movies or video games. You won’t believe the outlandish amount of output this system generates until you experience it for yourself.

THX – Certified

The original THX®-certified ProMedia 2.1 was introduced in 2000, and over the years it has become one of the highest praised, best-selling products Klipsch has ever produced. To take this award-winning system to the next level, Klipsch designed the ProMedia 2.1 Wireless with the ability to stream audio 30 feet away.

Pro Media 2.1 Control Pod

Easily control your main volume and subwoofer volume for an optimal listening experience. You choose how much boom is right for your room.

Sonic Style

All ProMedia 2.1 computer speakers include a micro Tractrix horn coupled with a Poly compression tweeters, 3? long-throw fiber composite cone woofers, strong removable grilles and a smooth black finish. Your friends will be jealous.