Yellow Jacket 67063 - YJACK DEW Psychrometer Wireless measurement of psychrometric parameters with ease Measures percent relative humidity, dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature, and dew point temperature Measure enthalpy change across evaporator coil for system operational efficiency Features 8 flexible steel wand for optimal sensor positioning within ventilation ducting Optimized sensor housing designed for increased air exchange and better response timeThe YELLOW JACKET YJACK Series provides a total HVAC/R diagnostic solution. Use the YJACK DEW Psychrometer to easily and wirelessly measure temperature, humidity, wet bulb, dew point and more in ambient air or ventilation ducting using a Bluetooth signal.

The optimized sensor housing is designed for increased air exchange and better response time and with 1500 hours of extended battery life. The YJACK DEW psychrometer is compatible with the YJACK VIEW App and P51-870 TITAN devices. Yellow Jacket YJACK Product SeriesYJACK for more Connected TechsThe YJACK Series is a network of devices that form a new platform offering a total HVAC/R diagnostics solution. Multiple devices can measure system and environmental parameters, providing a complete picture of a system's condition. Each device utilizes Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) technology to interconnect with each other and any smart device, Android or iOS.

Many of the YJACK Series devices can also communicate directly with the P51-870 TITAN Digital Manifold simultaneously. YJACK VIEW AppThe YELLOW JACKET YJACK VIEW App provides seamless integration with YJACK and P51-870 TITAN devices offering a complete HVAC/R system diagnostic solution. Just use your YJACK and P51-870 TITAN devices with your smartphone for complete system analysis. Easily receive and analyze live data from all powered on nearby YJACK and P51-870 TITAN devices including system pressure, temperature, v