SIRUI Traveler 7CPush the envelope of your outdoor shoots! An essential professional tripod for photographers! Superior than traditional tripods!? Quality Portable Fit? Fold up the legs 180 for a compact? t to store and carry.? Multiple Working Heights? Stretch the center column up or down to adjust the working height or reverse it for ultra low angle and macro shots.? Providing dual functions? Easily convert the detachable leg into a monopod for extensive shots.? Auxiliary Shooting Components? Connect a photo accessory via the included 1/4-20 accessory port.

And with the included stainless metal spikes, stand? rm on a soft ground to shoot steadily.? Easy Leg Set-up? The tripod includes the semi-automatic leg angle adjustment buttons and twist leg locks to adjust the spread and length of the legs for di? erent leg height needs.? Shoot Beyond Your View? Smoothly pan the head 360 to capture a beautiful landscape panorama shot.
Model: Traveler 7C
Material: Carbon
Fiber Sections: 4
Tube Diameter(mm/inch): 15- 25.8 / 0.59 - 1.01 Max.
Height(mm/inch): 1665/ 65.55 Min.
Height(mm/inch): 480/ 18.9
Retracted Height(mm/inch): 635/25
Folded Height(mm/inch): 480/ 18.9
Monopod Height(mm/inch): 520-1735/ 20.47 - 68.3
Weight(kg/lbs): 1.57 / 3.46 Max.
Load (kg/lbs): 8/ 17.6