Diopter available: + 0.5 /+ 0.75 /+ 1.0 /+ 1.25 /+ 1.5 /+ 1.75 /+ 2.0 /+ 2.25 /+ 2.5 /+ 2.75 /+ 3.0 /+ 3.5 /+ 4.0DIMENSIONSL ens width: 2 1/16 inches (53mm)
Frame width: 5 5/16 inches (135mm)
Lens height: 1 1/8 inches (28mm)
Frame height: 1 1/4 inches (32mm)
Bridge (DBL): 1/2 inches (13mm)
Temple length: 5 5/16 inches (135mm) INCLUDES1 * soft pouchCARE
To avoid damage, never clean your computer glasses with paper towels or clothing or alcohol, and also avoid using household detergents or soaps. While a few mild soaps don't harm lenses, today's extra strength soaps are powerful enough to slowly disintegrate lens coatings. PROTECT YOUR EYES- The BB40 blue tinted filter lenses does not everything the yellow used to do by blocking UV rays, blue light and glare. This special tint reduces eye strain, dry eyes and fatigue SLEEP BETTER - Fall asleep easier and reduce eyestrain which causes dry and itchy eyes, bad posture and back pain, with these glasses, youll start to notice better screen viewing and greater clarity after just a few days of wearing them IMPROVE PERFORMANCE AND PRODUCTIVITY - The average peoples now spends over 6 hours a day looking at a screen. Whether its laptops, desktops, tablets or smartphones - our glasses help reduce over 40% harmful blue light that can causes eye issues and prevent ideal levels of sleep. Also effective against sensitivity to fluorescent lights. Filtering out the High Energy Blue Light allows you to focus on your game or task at hand ENHANCE YOUR VISUAL APPEAL -These glasses were crafted with a sleek, modern design Wearing these reading glasses at home, in bed, at the office, means you'll always look sharp, and see sharper! Each pair of our reading glasses comes with its individual micro-fiber cleaning cloth bag to easily remove those annoying smudges