Keep your eyes protectedwith Woosh Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Whether youre a work from home mom, a college student, or a web designer, blue light from our computers, cell phones and tvs, negatively affects our bodies. Have no fear, Woosh is here to keep your eyes protected and you productive!
Enjoy the benefits of: Non-Bulky, Lightweight TR90 FramesScratch and Glare Resistant Polycarbonate LensesStrain Reducing Blue Light Filter Technology Dont compromise your well-being for work! Using computer protection glasses has been known to reduce eye fatigue, headaches, and sleep issues related to blue light waves. Our versatile glasses can be worn by men, women and teens, so everyone in your family can keep their eyes safe. Theres no doubt that the technological age we currently live in is going to continue to grow, so why not prepare you and your family with Woosh! We are dedicated to creating premium quality glasses and shades at an affordable cost. Whether youre on the Jersey Shore partying in the sun or taking notes in Psych 101, Woosh is ready to fill your protective eyewear needs.