Introducing Trianium's 3 Pack Glass Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max 2021 ( 6.7 -inch Screen Display) A 3-Pack of screen protectors from Trianium specially designed for the iPhone 13 Pro Max only. A powerful anti-scratch surface and dual special coating to help prevent fingerprints, oils, sweat, and liquids from the surface of the screen. Plus, full frontal Face ID compatibility with all the recent iPhone features and functionalities. Go Trianium. Go Bold. Anti-Scratch Surface Help prevent scratches from minor-drops or tight pockets. Face ID Compatibility Full frontal face ID compatibility alongside all other iPhone features.

Fingerprint-FreeA dual special coating helps to prevent fingerprints, oils, sweat, and more. Installation Note - Clean the phone screen thoroughly using the wet & dry wipes before installation. - Then, clean the phone with the Dust Absorber sticker to eliminate any debris on the screen. - Put the alignment frame on the iPhone. - Peel off the protective layer (with tab) from the screen protector before applying to the phone. - If air bubbles are present, use squeegee or hard card to push bubble from the center away to the edge of the phone screen.