1. Package list
1. Portable Fan 2. Tote bag 3. User manual
4.Power 5V 2.1A 5. USB Cable 6. Water bottle 7. Dishcloth

2. Place the batteries
Fan included 6 pcs 18650 batteries, Cell capacity is 15600mAh.
Users can change batteries by themselves, battery capacity up to 21600mAh.
Flat Top vs. Button Top
This relates to the contacts, specifically the positive contact. Button top batteries will protrude slightly, whereas flat top batteries sit perfectly flush.

1. Push with both hands clockwise.
2. Remove the battery cover from the finger buckle.
3. Choose the Button Top battery
4 The positive and negative poles of the battery correspond to the mark, Insert the batteries and install the battery cover.

6. Mobile powerbank
Output 5V 1A
Charged two mobile phones at the same time
Input 5V 2.1A
When charging the fan, the green light keeps flashing, and 4 green lights are on after full charge.
The battery indicator will on when working, will go out after 33 seconds if the light is off and the fan is off.
7. Wireless charging
If the mobile phone support wireless charging.
The sensing part of the mobile phone is aligned with the wireless charging location for the highest charging efficiency.
1. When the battery indicator is green, put the mobile phone on the wireless charging location.
2. Press button if no light is on.
Green light indicates that phone is charging normally.
The green light keeps flashing means
1 The phone is far away from the wireless charging location 2 The mobile phone does not support wireless charging
3 The power is too low for wireless charging