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Your iPad's screen is the window to its virtual soul. Keep it clean, clear, and protected with the Fuji Labs PAFJ-VSAGIPAD-JP Vanguard Shield Anti-Glare HD Screen Protector.

Superio Protection

The highly transparent screen protector keeps your screen safe without changing its appearance. The multiple-layered design protects against impact damage. The 3H surface hardness ensures it's as strong as thorium, effectively guarding your screen from unexpected scratches and scrapes.

Clear & Clean

This screen protector is anti-glare to keep your device readable even under the strong sunlight, and the UV protection reduces eye strain. It keeps your device free from fingerprint smudges whilst being smooth to touch.

Fast & Easy Installation

This screen protector is custom fit for iPad 2nd to 4th generation models. It's easy and fast to install, and leaves no residue when removed.