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Fuji Labs HD2000 Wireless Headphones (Black)


Whether you are enjoying the sound of your Hi-Fi system, watching TV, or just looking to escape the noise of the outside world, the HD2000 Wireless Headphones can help you do just that—without being tied down by a cable. These headphones deliver high-fidelity sound with the punch you want from music. Equipped with a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth functionality, the wireless HD2000 allows anyone with an active lifestyle to go about their daily activities with ease while using these headphones. Use these at the gym and work out while listening to your favorite tunes, podcasts, and more. With noise isolation technology, this sound solution is ideal for hassle-free everyday use as well as traveling.

  • Metal Head Beam, Strong and Durable.
  • Comfortable Wearing Style, With Soft Head-Pad and High Isolation Imitation Protein Earmuffs.
  • Wireless Freedom – Stream Music directly from your smartphone or tablet, and be free of annoying, tangled cords.
  • Bluetooth Head phone with Built-in mic for handsfree functionality.
  • Easily accessible integrated buttons for play/pause/skipping and adjusting the volume for your music or for answering the phone.
  • Integrally Molded into one piece- Earmuffs will not leak sound, the triple bass sound quality is consistent.
  • Adjustable Headband.
  • Even at 80%-85% volume strength you will not disturb others who are around you.
  • Ultra - Wide Frequency Response.
  • Padded Oval-Shaped Ear Cups.
  • High-Definition Bass.
  • UV Coating to Prevent Scratches.
  • Enhanced Treble for Clarity.
  • Durable Stylish Design.
  • Wireless Range 10m.


  • Up to 42 hours of music play time and up to 48 hours of talk time depending on volume.
  • 320 hours on standby.
  • 10-20,000 HZ frequency response.
  • 150 mW Max Input Power.
  • 40mm Driver Diameter.
  • Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery.
  • 103 dB+/-3 dB Sensitivity.
  • For Apple iPhone’s / iPad’s / Android devices / Smartphone devices w/Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Integrally Molded into one piece.