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The Spinpoint MP4 represents the next-generation hard drive platform by Samsung, offering the fastest drive for your notebooks and slim desktops. At 7200 RPM speeds with a large capacity and Native Command Queuing functions, the MP4 drive is designed for high-performance users, with a higher spindle rate and more cache than most other high-capacity notebook drives. When exceptional performance, massive capacity and reputable reliability are important, the optimal choice is Samsung’s Spinpoint MP4 HDD.

Enhanced Stability

The new Spinpoint MP4 includes an improved motor design that decreases the risk of disk imbalance and enhances its stability during read/write operation.

High Performance

Combining SATA 3Gbps with Native Command Queuing, generous high speed cache and dynamic balancing technology, the Samsung Spinpoint MP4 drive delivers solid performance to meet the most demanding applications.

Optimized Acoustics

Featuring advanced SilentSeek technology in combination with NoiseGuard, the Samsung Spinpoint MP4 drive helps create an almost silent work space and keep your mind in peace.