Output Connector A: Type C (Male)
Input Connector (s) B: 5.5x3.0mm for Samsung (Male)
Overcurrent power: Compatible with most USB-C wall chargers with Power Delivery (we recommend 90W USB-C charger and above)
Cable Length: 1.8m
Material: Nylon Braided + Tinned copper + Golden Shell
Laptop Input Supported: 100W Max
Compatible Brand: Works with Samsung 90W or below (45W, 60W) laptops with 5.5x3.0mm DC Tip
Build-in Dual Chips (PD Inducing Chip and E-Mark Chip).
100% High Quality and Brand New
Easy Plug and Use


*Designed to charge your devices for laptops with USB C PD charger. (?NOTE: Charging speeds will vary depending on your device and wall charger, we recommend that you use USB-C PD Charger)
*Say good bye to buy an extra adapter (?Only for Charging, not Syncing data.)
* Reversible USB-C connector
*1.8meter is long enough to connecting devices while you are still charging in your bedroom, office or wherever you want.
*Compatible with most USB-C wall chargers with Power Delivery (we recommend 90W USB-C charger and above)
*Build-in Dual Chips (PD Inducing Chip and E-Mark Chip).

Working Requirements:

1.Plase make sure the wattage for USB C PD Adapter is not lower than your laptop input (You can check the laptop input on the bottom of the laptop). For example, your laptop input for Samsung is 19V 4.74A 90W, your USB C charger is not lower than 90W, otherwise it won't work. Not All of your USB C PD Adapter can fits for laptops, to be make sure your USB C PD Adapter has enough power! Please feel free to contact customer service if there is any help in need.
2. Samsung Laptops with 5.5x3.0mm DC Tip

Fit Models:

Samsung Series 2 3 4 5 6 7 Chronos, Samsung ATIV Book 2 4
Samsung GT7000 GT8000 GT9000 M40 M50 M55 M60 M70 series N Series
Samsung N110 Series N120 N130 N140 N150 N220 N310 N510 NB30 NC10 NC20
Samsung P10c P20 P200 P20c P210 P25 P28 P29 P30 P35 P410 P460-42P P460-44G P460-44P P50 P500 P510 P55 P560 P60
Samsung Q1 Q210 Q30 Q310 Q320 Q35 Q40 Q45 Q70 A10
Samsung R Series R20 R40 R45 R50 R510 R55 R610 R710 R522-52S R60 R610 R620-63G R65 R70 R700 R440 R480 R530 R540 R580 R730 R780 RC512 RV510 RV511 RV515 RV520 RV711 RV720 SF410 SF510 V20 0335A1960
Samsung G15 GT6000 M30 P10 P40 P400 Q1 R20 T10 V20 VM6000 X1 X20 V25 VM7000 VM8000
Samsung X05 X06 X1 X10 Plus X10 X11 X120 Series X15 Plus X15 X20 X22 X25 X30 X360 X420 Series X460 X50 X520 Series X60 X65
Samsung GT Series GT6000 GT6330 GT6360 GT6400 GT7000 GT7700 GT8000 GT8100 GT8600 GT8650 GT8700 GT8750 GT8800 GT8850 GT8900 GT8910 GT9000
Samsung M Series M40 plus M50 N Series N110-12PBK NC Series NC10 NC20 P Series P28 P30 P35 P40 P460-44G P460-44P P50 P560 AA04 Q Series NP-Q1 NP-Q1EX NP-Q1U NP-Q30 NP-Q35 NP-Q70
Samsung T Series T10 V Series V20 VM Series VM6000 VM6300 VM7000 VM7550 VM7600 VM7650 VM7700 VM8000 VM8080cXT VM8090cT VM8095cX VM8100 VM8110XTC
Samsung X Series NP-X20 NP-X60 NT-X11 X05 X1 X10 X11 X15 X20 X22 X30 X360 X460 X50 X60

Note: Not all compatible model# is listed.

Package Content:
1 x 100W USB C to Samsung 5.5x3.0mm Tip PD Charger Cable

Special Note:
1> This product is not Samsung original product, it is just for replacement.
2> Please leave the shipping information (the receiver & shipping address) in ENGLISH only! The other characters couldn't be recognized by the shipment system.
3> Any problem with the transaction, contact us in the first time, please. Negative/Neutral feedback isn't allowed before communication.