INTEL XEON GOLD PROCESSORS With support for the higher memory speeds, enhanced memory capacity, and four-socket scalability, Intel Xeon Gold processors deliver significant improvement in performance, advanced reliability, and hardware-enhanced security. It is optimized for demanding mainstream data center, multi-cloud compute, and network and storage workloads. With up-to four-socket scalability, it is suitable for an expanded range of workloads.
Processor Manufacturer: IntelProcessor
Core: Hexacosa-core (26 Core)
Clock Speed: 2.10
GHzOverclocking Speed: 4
GHzL2 Cache: 26
MBL3 Cache: 35.75
MB64-bit Processing: YesProcess
Technology: 14 nmProcessor
Threads: 52Processor
Socket: Socket 3647Processor
Generation: 2nd GenThermal
Design Power: 150
WThermal Specification: 185F (85C)
3Depth: 2.2"C
ompatibility: Intel Server
System R1000WF Family: Intel Server System R1208WFQYSR Intel Server System R1208WFTYSR Intel Server System R1304WF0YSR Intel Server System R1304WFTYSR Intel Server
System R2000WF Family: Intel Server System R2208WFTZSR Intel Server System R2208WF0ZSR Intel Server System R2224WFTZSR Intel Server System R2308WFTZSR Intel Server System R2208WFQZSR Intel Server Board S2600BP Family: Intel Server Board S2600BPBR Intel Server Board S2600BPQR Intel Server Board S2600BPSR Intel Server Board S2600ST Family: Intel Server Board S2600STBR Intel Server Board S2600STQR Intel Server Board S2600WF Family: Intel Server Board S2600WF0R Intel Server Board S2600WFQR Intel Server Board S2600WFTR Intel Compute Module HNS2600BP Family: Intel Compute Module HNS2600BPBLCR Intel Compute Module HNS2600BPBLC24R "