Product Details:

?Item type? keyboard skin/protector
?Suitable device? 2019 released New MacBook Pro 16 inch A2141 and 2020 released New MacBook Pro 13.3 inch A2251 A2289 Keyboard US and EU universal version
?Product material? silicone material
?Product shortcuts keyboard design? Final Cut Pro X Shortcuts design in English, QWERTY character layout, US and EU universal version
?Product protection? Upper side adopted rubber coating, gives you a comfortable soft touch feeling and protect the keyboard cover from losing color; lower side is shiny surface, make the keyboard cover fit perfectly on your keyboard without any sticker/glue

Product Features:
-Clean by placing in boiling water or washing with soapy water
-Strong and durable
-Easy to apply
-Fits every contour of your keyboard
-Reduces the sound from typing
-Unique thinness gives excellent feel

Know your keyboard version:
Model Guide for Macbook: Turn your laptop upside down, underneath, locate the Model Number in small print that start with "A****"
EU version--- the "Enter/Return" key looks like numeral "7", please choose "US & EU version"
US version--- the "Enter/Return" key is a horizontal wide bar, please choose "US version" (US&EU version works too)

XSKN designs America and Europe universal version keyboard skin fits both US version and EU version keyboard,
product looks exactly same as photo display, main difference is the "enter/return" key,
it covered 2 nearby keys, do not affect normal use, printing on it will show you where to press

Special notes:
-XSKN assure every product provided with excellent quality
-Affected by daylight, product color may look slightly different under camera
-Camera's Focus Mode will make focused part preety clear and unfocused part fuzzy, but real product will be nice and clear

Package Content:
- 1 x XSKN keyboard cover