COOLMOON PWM ARGB Motherboard Synchronization Desktop PC Case Fan 5V 3Pin 16 Million Colors Chassis Fan for ASUS MSI Gigabyte ASRock with Centralized Control Hub Remote Control

Size: 120x120x25mm
Voltage: 12V (fan)? 5V (LED)
Current: 0.25A ±10%
Speed: 800~1700RPM±10%
Air volume: 20~65CFM±10%
Noise: 20~36dBA±10%
Bearing: Hydraulic bearing
Interface: 4 PIN? 3PIN (ARGB)
Weight: 0.153 kg±3%
Lifespan: 40000H

COOLMOON: The COOLMOON brand controller has built-in more than 300 lighting modes, including many color lighting modes, and also selects 12 static monochrome modes, so that different customers can choose favorite color styles.
5V ARGB Sync: Support 5V 3-pin ARGB on motherboards such as ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, ASRock, etc., through software control of fan lighting synchronization; support programmable 16 million colors.
Temperature Control:
Supports PWM motherboard intelligent temperature control and speed regulation. When the CPU temperature rises, the fan speed increases, and the temperature drops quickly. When the CPU temperature drops, the fan speed is reduced at the same time, which has the advantage of energy savingand noise reduction.
Bearing light-emitting: The fan with the light-emitting outer ring takes up a lot of space to install the lamp slot, which compresses the fan blade. And this fan is bearing luminous, narrow frame design, so that the fan has a larger fan blade area, thereby increasing the air volume and enhancing the heat dissipation performance.
Application: Suitable for multiple application scenarios, Fans can be installed on cpu radiators, water coolers, and chassis that require 12cm fans. Cool light effects, strong heat dissipation, make your host even more powerful.