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  • This PCIe X1 extension cable extends the PCIe X1 lane up to 23.6inch away, so your PCIe X1 card can be installed at any available place of the PC chassis
  • Almost all oversized GPUs will cover the adjacent PCIe X1 slot. If you do not want to waste this blocked PCIe X1 slot, this PCIe X1 extension cable will make it accessible again.
  • Though limited space below the GPU, the low-profile and compact design PCIe X1 extension cable only needs about 6mm space for installation
  • Work with all PC Peripheral PCIe X1 Adapters, such as PCIe Wifi Card, M.2 PCIe X1 Card, Firewire Card, USB PCIe Card, Sound Card, etc.
  • PCIe 3.0 X1 ( about 1000 MB/s) speed bandwidth is guaranteed, just like onboard slots. To be noted if your PCIe X1 slot is PCIe 2.0 X1( about 500MB/s) technical specification, the speed bandwidth will be also PCIe 2.0 X1
  • To be noted: The maximum speed of the WiFi 6E wireless card is 5400Mb/s=675MB/s, so this PCIe 3.0 X1 ( about 1000MB/s) speed cable will not limit WiFi 6E speed. But for M.2 PCIe 3.0 X4 SSD, the speed will downgrade to PCIe 3.0 X1 speed.
  • Operating Voltage: 12 Voltage; Output Power: 30W at max
  • If after installation, the computer freezes or blue screen. Please re-plug the PCIe X1 extension cable and make sure all devices are well secured. You may need to reinstall the driver for the PC Peripheral PCIe X1 adapters.
  • If other PCIe slots cannot be used after using this PCIe X1 extension cable, it may be caused by sharing PCIe Bus between these PCIe lanes. Please check the motherboard technical specification for PCIe Bus Allocation
  • Easy installation and no extra driver. Plug and Play, and compatible with Windows/Mac OS/Linux/NAS
pcie extension cable
Is your PCIe slot blocked by the big size graphics card?
  • We know that many graphics cards with big size fan will occupy 2-3 pcie slots. In this case, these PCIe slots below the graphics card cannot be used.
  • If you want to install a PCIe device, such as a PCIe wireless card, PCIe USB card, M.2 PCIe X1 adapter, or PCIe network card.
  • But there is no available PCIe slots in your motherboard, you can only find a way to use the PCIe slots covered by the graphics card.
  • What can we do?
pcie extension cable
PCIe X1 Extension Cable

This PCIe X1 extension cable can extend the PCIe X1 slot to 23.6 Inch/60cm far away.

It features with the following advantages:

  • Extra Low-profile design: only need 6mm space to installation. So you only need to ensure that the space below the graphics card has a height of 6mm, and this pcie extension cable can be installed
  • The PCIe x1 extension line is parallel to the PCIe slots, not vertical to the PCIe slots. so that the PCIe X1 extension cable will not be blocked by the front pcie slot
  • The length of 23.6 Inch/60cm can extend the PCIe X1 slot to any position of the PC case, even outside the PC case
  • 30W power supply from PCIe X1 slot

Overall, this PCIe X1 extension cable is a reliable and practical solution that can perfectly solve your problems.

pcie extension cable
What devices can use this PCIe X1 extension cable?
  • PCIe X1 Wi-Fi adapter
  • PCIe X1 USB adapter
  • M.2 PCIe X1 adapter
  • PCIe X1 Network Card
  • PCIe X1 Sound Card
  • Other PCIe X1 devices

Noted: 30W power supply can support all kinds of PCIe X1 devices, no need extra power supply for PCIe X1 devices.

pcie extension cable
PCI-Express 3.0 X1 speed at max

With PCI-E 4.0 hardware condition (PCI-E X1 devices and motherboard and CPU all supports PCI-E 4.0):

  • The speed will downgrade to PCI-E 3.0 X1 situation

With PCI-E 3.0 hardware condition (PCI-E X1 devices and motherboard and CPU all supports PCI-E 3.0):

  • ~ 1GB/s for PCI-E 3.0 X1

With PCI-E 2.0 hardware condition (PCI-E X1 devices and motherboard and CPU all supports PCI-E 2.0):

  • ~ 0.5 GB/s for PCI-E 2.0 X1
pcie extension cable
Plug and Play, Easy to Installation
  • No driver required
  • Transparent to OS


  1. A-end can install into PCIe X1/X4/X8/X16 slot
  2. B-end can be installed with PCIe X1 devices
  3. All operations must be performed with the motherboard powered off