3600 Ultra-Rugged Series

LI3608/LI3678 1D Ultra-Rugged Scanner
Unstoppable performance starts here

Unstoppable Performance for 1D Barcode Capture

As a member of the Zebra 3600 Ultra-Rugged Series of scanners, the practically indestructible 1D LI3608 corded and LI3678 cordless scanners are ready for the world’s toughest environments — the warehouse and manufacturing floor. Loaded with features that deliver truly unstoppable performance, the LI3608 and LI3678 redefine scanner reliability and management simplicity.

The result? The dependable, fast and accurate scanning you need to take the quality of your products and your customer service to the next level.

Superior Performance

You get the ultimate in 1D scanning performance — period. Your workers can scan barcodes as fast as they can pull the trigger. With 30 percent more working range, it’s easy to capture barcodes that are farther away. Are barcodes under shrinkwrap? Damaged? Dirty? Poorly printed? No problem, this intelligent scanner can handle it all.

Ultra-rugged design

The manufacturing plant floor is as tough as its gets — and the cost of unplanned downtime on the production line is astronomical. That’s why we created a new product category — the ultra-rugged scanner. This dust-tight and waterproof scanner offers the highest drop, tumble and sealing specification in this class, and is the only scanner to offer two sealing ratings — IP65 and IP67.

Unrivaled Manageability

With our complimentary industry-best tools, managing these scanners couldn’t be easier. You can remotely configure and upgrade your scanners, format data properly for instant transmission into your business applications, monitor battery statistics for your cordless models and more.

30% more working range than competitive devices
Ultra-rugged durability in a class of its own.

Your environments couldn’t be a tougher place for scanners to survive. Drops to concrete, spills, dust, heat, cold, rain, snow and more — your scanners will see it all. That’s why we developed a new class of scanner — ultra-rugged. When it comes to industrial strength for your most challenging environments, the 3600 Series is in a class of its own. Built to a unique set of specifications, the nearly indestructible 3600 Series is dustproof, sprayproof, waterproof and more, designed to handle everything your environment and your workers dish out every day — you won’t find a tougher scanner.

3600 Ultra-Rugged Series 3600 Ultra-Rugged Series 3600 Ultra-Rugged Series
The highest drop specification for any rugged scanner

Your workers spend their day walking and driving material handling vehicles, such as forklifts, on concrete. That’s why we engineered the 3600 Series to survive 8 ft./2.4 m to drops to concrete — 23 percent more durable than competitive devices.

The highest tumble specification for any rugged scanner

The 3600 Series works even after 5,000 consecutive tumbles, ensuring reliable operation after the real-world tumbling that typically follows a drop.

Dustproof, sprayproof and waterproof

The 3600 Series are the only scanners with two sealing ratings — IP65 and IP67 — and the only scanner to offer IP67. The result is a scanner that is 100 percent dustproof, can handle the force of jetting water and can survive 30 minutes fully submerged in water.

Built for blazing heat and sub-zero temperatures in freezers and outdoor yards

Built to withstand extreme heat, cold and humidity, our corded and cordless models can be used anywhere — indoor, outdoor and even in the freezer. (Heated scanner holder accessory required for use in freezers.)

...industrial strength for your most challenging environments.
...Superior scanning performance — period.

We’ve packed the 3600 Series with our most advanced scanning technology. The result? Workers can dependably scan barcodes in any condition, as fast as they can pull the trigger, driving worker productivity and customer service to a new level.

Capture any barcode in any condition

The warehouse and manufacturing plant are tough on printed barcodes. With the 3600 Series, you get the integrated scanning intelligence that has made our barcode technology the industry leader. Virtually any barcode can be captured in virtually any condition — scratched, dirty, poorly printed and even under shrinkwrap or frost. The result? First-time every time scanning eliminating the everyday exceptions that drive time and cost into your business.

Capture up to 20 barcodes with a single press of the trigger

Our powerful time-saving Multi-code feature is perfect for those labels that contain many barcodes. You specify which codes are captured, the order in which codes will be captured and how to format each code for your back-end application. One press of the scan trigger captures and transmits the data instantly to the right fields in the right applications — and the opportunity to scan the wrong codes on your labels is eliminated.

Superior pick-list functionality

Pick lists are often a part of the workday in the warehouse and manufacturing plant. That’s why the 3600 Series scanners include aiming technology that makes it easy for your workers to select and scan even small barcodes.

Capture printed and electronic barcodes

All models can capture barcodes that are printed or displayed on any computer screen. Even if you don’t use electronic barcodes today, you’re ready for the future.

Set your workers free with the industry’s most superior cordless technology

Our Bluetooth models are loaded with industry-leading features that make it easier than ever for your workers to use and manage their cordless scanners.

Bluetooth 4.0 for lightning fast data capture

With the latest version of Bluetooth — Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), also known as Bluetooth 4.0 — your workers get fast wireless communications and maximum energy efficiency. No sacrificing performance or battery life for cordless freedom.

Battery power for up to 70,000 scans or more

With more than 50 percent more battery capacity than competitive models, even in the most scan intensive jobs, your workers will have plenty of power for a full shift.

Deploy Bluetooth with zero Wi-Fi network interference — guaranteed

Bluetooth devices can often create interference in Wi-Fi environments, disrupting workflows and impacting crucial data streams from production line equipment. Zebra’s Wi-Fi Friendly mode ensures that our 3600 Series Bluetooth models will not interfere with your Wi-Fi infrastructure.

First in its class battery charge gauge

The onboard battery charge gauge is similar to that of a mobile phone, making it easy for users to see if the scanner they pick up at the start of the day has a fully charged battery — and easily monitor battery power throughout the day. The result? No more unexpected dead batteries that impact worker productivity.

Easy Bluetooth troubleshooting

With a Bluetooth status LED right on the scanner, it’s easy for users to check and restore lost connectivity, minimizing calls to the help desk.

Unrivaled manageability across your enterprise.

Managing your scanners can be time-consuming and costly. That’s why the 3600 Series comes with a set of complimentary tools that take the complexity out of end-to-end scanner management. Whether your scanners are in one location, across the country or around the world, we make staging, updating and everyday troubleshooting easy. The result? The overall total cost of ownership (TCO) for your mobility solution is reduced.


Staging and updating your 3600 Series scanners is easy with 123Scan2. Scanners are automatically detected and the two-way communication required for staging is automatically established in seconds — an industry first. With this patented wizard-driven tool, you can create and distribute configuration files or barcodes to simplify staging and updating. You can update firmware and parameters without losing your settings — another industry first. And with comprehensive activity and inventory reports, you can easily verify that every parameter is properly configured on every scanner.

Scanner Management Service (SMS)

SMS allows you to customize scanner parameters and update firmware remotely — no depot staging, user action, barcode scanning or management console required. The easy-to-use wizard-based tool works on any off-the-shelf enterprise console, allowing you to create and send an SMS Package to all of your PC scanner hosts that will automatically run when the scanner is plugged in, providing true set-it-and-forget-it staging and updating. And the rich reporting function allows you to access a wide range of statistics on all of your scanners at any time — including model and serial number, firmware version and parameter values.

A wealth of battery metrics for better battery management

Our cordless models offer superior battery management with Zebra’s PowerPrecision+ batteries. Now, you have the visibility into highly detailed real-time battery metrics you need to maximize useful battery life and ensure every battery in your battery pool is healthy and able to hold a full charge. Advanced State of Health information utilizes the battery’s internal gas gauge to track and store battery performance and capacity degradation — data that enables a highly accurate end-of-life prediction. Advanced State of Charge statistics utilize the current charge and present real-time usage patterns to more accurately predict remaining battery power, preventing the loss of battery power during a shift. In addition, you can also access a wide range of statistics to help you better manage the battery pool, such as total charge accumulation.



PowerPrecision+ 3100 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery (For cordless models) Withstands multiple 8-foot / 2.4-meter drops to concrete


Decode Capabilities

Scanner: IP65 and IP67 FLB cradle: IP65 1D


Linear Imager