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Does wiring each fan make you feel cumbersome?
Install multiple fans, and the screws are soft
Its okay, let the building block fan take care of you
Wireless splicing between fans lights up
A few screws can fix multiple fans, easy to disassemble
This is the next-generation modular fan of Siamese Fan X Single Fan

Two colors are optional

Experience simple and pure assembling fun
Snap splicing, power supply sheet contact power supply, bid farewell to cumbersome wires
Customized modular fan, can be single, can be spliced, reduce the amount of screws, easy installation

32 magical lamp beads, play with complex light effects
Light effect synchronization can be realized by controller or software
Pure colors, gradients, dazzling colors, and more light effects are waiting for you to discover

There are no dead corners in the light effect, every side is wonderful
The back is equipped with lamp beads, and the light effect is not affected when the front is installed and the reverse is installed

L-CONNECT light effect control software
Motherboard control/software control can be switched freely
(Note: Each controller port can support up to 4 fans
All ports can support 16 fans)

Long-acting motor drive
The internal secret of the silent high wind pressure fan

The texture is improved, and the details are more refined