This remote control is ready to work out of package. Simply put in new batteries (NOT Included), you can operate the device successfully again.
Please refer to the projector user manual when using the remote control. It will help you understand the functions of every button.
Normally, the projector user manual is available on manufacturer's website. If you need assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

Compatible projectors:

ViewSonic PJD6253
ViewSonic PJD6383
ViewSonic PJD6383S
ViewSonic PJD6553W
ViewSonic PJD6683W
ViewSonic PJD6683WS
ViewSonic PJD7333
ViewSonic PJD7382
ViewSonic PJD7383
ViewSonic PJD7383I
ViewSonic PJD7400
ViewSonic PJD7400w
ViewSonic PJD7533W
ViewSonic PJD7583W
ViewSonic PJD7583WI
ViewSonic PJD8333S
ViewSonic PJD8353S
ViewSonic PJD8633WS
ViewSonic PJD8653WS

Notice: Please point the remote control to your projector when operating it.

Warranty: Refund available within 30 days, exchange available within 12 months from order date.