High Temperature. Alarm

Voice broadcast for Normal temperature and Abnormal temperature. LCD screen will turn red and flash about 10 seconds when temperature over 37.3 'C.

Alarm temperature can be adjusted freely as per requirement

2.8 -inch LCD screen

Simple and Easy to operation by button, including temperature unit 'C/F switch, Mode switch, Alarm temperature adjustment Voice volume adjustment, LCD screen backlight setting, Voice broadcast language switch and IO mode switch.

Multiple Power Supply

Multiple power supply including Power bank, 4pcs of AA battery ( we ship without Battery) and USB cable connection.

portable thermometer and conveniently!

Data export Function

K3 Pro wall mounted thermometer support real time temperature data export and data query function when connected to computer

Support multipul Signal Output

K3 Pro wall mounted thermometer support IO signal output, switch signal/pulse signal. Can be connected to electronic devices such as access control system

Memory Function

K3 Pro wall mounted thermometer records 30sets temperature Auto even without connected to computer. it is convenient to view the changes of body temperature.

: ± 0.2 (34~45?)

Response time
: 0.5 s

Working waveband
: 5 microns

Standby time
: 30 s

Operating mode
: Surface mode /body mode / Count mode

Surface temperature measurement range
: 10--50?

Range of Body Mode temperature
: 35--42?

Environment temperature
: 10--40?

Counting capacity
: 9999 times