High-definition voice calls / clear shots at near and far / smooth pictures without freezing Autofocus/HD lens/digital microphone/multi-function dock 100° wide-angle / auto focus / live camera Suitable for more scenarios to meet multiple needs Real-name authentication, remote teaching, online consultation, video conference, video call Hotel check-in, information collection, banking, etc. 1080P HD image quality With HD1920X1080 high-definition display resolution, partial zoom in, the picture is still clear Autofocus is similar to SLR principle 1080P, 100 degree wide angle, full range of images Built-in high-definition digital microphone The microphone suppresses noise, the sound is clearer, the voice is synchronized, and the communication is barrier-free Universal USB cable for camera Cable length ~ 160CM, compatible with the USB charging cable of Android phones HD lens With high light transmittance, clear imaging, high color reproduction, high resolution, etc.