Color: Navy
blueCompatible with: Designed ONLY to be compatible with 2020 2019 2018 Release MacBook Air 13 inch with Retina Display & Touch ID (Models: A2179 & A1932). Please kindly check the model number "A1xxx" on the bottom of the MacBook before purchase, make sure it matches the model number is "A2179" or "A1932". Release 2020 2019 MVFH2LL/A, MVFM2LL/A, MVFK2LL/A, MVFJ2LL/A, MVFN2LL/A, MVFL2LL/A Release 2018 MRE82LL/A, MREE2LL/A, MREA2LL/A, MRE92LL/A, MREF2LL/A, MREC2LL/A Specifications Exquisite finish plastic hard shell case protects your MacBook Air from scrapes and scratches. Ultra slim light weight hard case has 10 oz in weight and 0.62 mm in thickness design almost adds no weight to your device. Two pieces of folio design, easily clips to your MacBook with upper and bottom cover. Made from sturdy polycarbonate material, slim, lightweight and seamless, which is very flexible and durable, not esaily broken. Fully vented for safe heat disbursement, fully access to all buttons and features. Snap on design, easy on easy off. Plug your cable or headset without removing the case. Including matching color keyboard cover & screen protector & Dust plug to protect your MacBook keyboard & screen against spills and contaminates.
Package including: 1* Hard Shell Case ( with Top Cover + Back Cover) 1* Screen Protector 1* Silicone Keyboard Cover 1* Dust plug