Size: URSA Mini Pro - Anti GlareJust took your Blackmagic camera outside for a shoot and realized you couldn't see a darn thing on the LCD? What's the point of spending a week's wages on your new gear if you can't see what you are shooting? Squinting isn't going to help! Luckily you've got 's world-famous Anti-Glare protector! Don't take our word for it, google us and look for our ES Anti-Glare reviews on youtube. What makes our Anti-Glare the top choice for outdoor photographers? We simply added the best light diffusion technology on top of our original screen protector and voila!! You get the same bubble free, residue-free cling of our ESgel and the well-documented protection characteristics of our underlying PET film that is so tough yet so thin that you will forget its even on your camera. We are so confident in our materials that we guarantee them for life.
Note: This product is part of our specialist 'Pro' range, designed especially for professional photographers. It has some benefits and some limitations. In regular and bright light we think it does its job of reducing glare very well, but in ultra-bright light, we want to be as honest - it won't work miracles. It'll help you judge composition and colour on your LCD but you'll still need to slow down a little and look closely at your photos. While we know that's not perfect, we think it's a whole lot better than not being able to see anything at all. There are some other side effects too. In normal lighting conditions, you may notice slightly less sharpness and contrast, and you may also see a kind of sparkling, shimmering effect as you move your head to look at the LCD. Don't worry, that's normal - it's caused by all the little cells in the Anti Glare doing their job. We'd also suggest you turn the brightness of your LCD all the way up to its maximum setting if you're taking photos in very very bright sunlight.

There are some compromises but overall, we think you will love it.