Size: New Pro 13" with/without Touch Bar A2159/A1989  | 
Color: Light Blue High Quality Plastic Hard
Case Case Features: - Great fit for MacBook Pro 13" 2019 / 2018 / 2017 / 2016 (A2159/A1989/A1706/A1708). - Hard Plastic Case with high quality coating over top and bottom covers for silky-smooth soft touch. - Full access to all ports and battery check button. - Allows access to all your important plugs and drives while highlighting the unique look of your MacBook.
- Material: Polycarbonate.
Case Compatible with: - MacBook Pro 13-inch A2159 / A1989 / A1706 / A1708 with/without Touch Bar and Touch ID (May 2019 / July 2018/ June 2017/ Oct 2016) Macbook Pro 13" released in May 2019 MUHN2LL/A, MUHQ2LL/A, MUHP2LL/A, MUHR2LL/A MV962LL/A, MV992LL/A, MV972LL/A, MV9A2LL/A Macbook Pro 13" released in July 2018 MR9Q2LL/A, MR9U2LL/A, MR9R2LL/A, MR9V2LL/A Macbook Pro 13" released in June 2017 MPXQ2LL/A, MPXT2LL/A, MPXV2LL/A, MPXW2LL/A MPXR2LL/A, MPXU2LL/A, MPXX2LL/A, MPXY2LL/A Macbook Pro 13" released in October 2016 MLH12LL/A, MLVP2LL/A, MNQF2LL/A, MNQG2LL/A MLL42LL/A, MLUQ2LL/A Case NOT
Compatible with: - Other models.
Package Includes: - 1 x Hard
Case Friendly Note: - In order to ensure that the products will fit perfectly on your laptop, please check the model number "A1xxx" on the back of your MacBook before you purchase. - Apple MacBook is registered trademark of Apple, Inc. Products are Apple compatible and not endorsed by Apple, Inc.