BIONIX SafeStraw Drinking Aid helps patients with deficient oropharyngeal or oral motor skills drink safely. Patients with this type of dysfunction have difficulty consuming liquids because of the inability to control the liquid bolus. This difficulty with swallowing is often diagnosed as dysphagia, a condition shared by over 15, 000, 000 Americans. BIONIX SafeStraw limits the nutrition intake of a standard drinking straw. As the patient sips on the straw with SafeStraw, the beverage flows through the valve and into the chamber causing the float to rise. After the float reaches the top of the chamber, the SafeStraw will prevent the patient from receiving any more fluid.

Each sip will limit the nutrition intake to approximately 6.2 ml (one teaspoon) allowing an ability to control the liquid orally and safely swallow. Available in WHITE for thin, water-consistency fluids, or BLUE for nectar-thickened fluids.
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