The replacement tool kit is for solving the internal cooling fan problem of Nintendo Switch console. Compatible with Delta BSB0405HAATT DC5V 0.33A and Foxconn PVB040A05H DC5V 0.32A. It includes a brand-new and authentic Nintendo Switch CPU cooling fan and necessary tool kit. Quality thermal compound paste was included. This is the ideal CPU heatsink grease with high thermal conductivity ( 6.5 w/m-k), low thermal resistance, metal-free, non-bleeding and easy to apply. Precision screwdrivers - special Y-tip Y00 triwing and PH000 Phillips screwdriver and spudger for teardown and assembly. Wet and dry cleansing cloth wipes for safe cleaning of old thermal paste.

[Compatibility Note]? C The internal cooling fan fits first released NS console with model number? HAC-001 and the battery improved model? HAC-001(-01). Not compatible with? Switch Lite with model number HDH-001. Please check the number before ordering.
Packaging: 1* Replacement CPU Cooling fan for NS Switch 1* Thermal Paste 1* Y00 Screwdriver 1* PH000 Screwdriver 1* Spudger 1* Wipes