***** **********Best Quality Guranteed. *****The mega 2560 R3 Board is 100% compatible with Arduino*****Powered via the USB connection or with an external power supply. The power source is selected automatically. *****The ATmega2560-16au has 256 KB of flash memory for storing code (of which 8 KB is used for the bootloader), 8 KB of SRAM and 4 KB of EEPROM (which can be read and written with the EEPROM library). *****Comes preburned with a bootloader that allows you to upload new code to it without the use of an external hardware programmer. It communicates using the original STK500 protocol (reference, C header files). *****This version is optimized in the original version, both to ensure consistent and compatible with the original, but also easy to use.

has always been a reliable brand, if you have any problems with the mega2560 board you received. We will resend one to you for free in time.