NEW LINE OF ELITE LAPTOP BATTERIES: NinjaBatt is proud to present its new line of batteries ?C NinjaBatt PRO - Our new replacement batteries use premium battery cells and are made of the highest-quality materials for an overall life expectancy of over a 1000 charge cycles. Bring your laptop back to life. BUILT TO LAST WITH OVER A 1000
CHARGE CYCLES(! ): That??s right. Forget about all the ??promising?? low cost laptop batteries out there. Our new Li-ion battery is rated at 55Wh/7200mAh/ 7.6V. Combined with its ??A?? grade cells and smart control chip, you can expect it out-perform, out-gun and out-last any battery out there!
PACKED WITH SAFETY FEATURES: Our batteries are designed for maximum safety. Overheat, Short-circuit and overload protections, together with CE-/FCC-/RoHS certifications, guarantee your piece of mind while using the battery or storing it.
HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS: Our Laptop batteries are assembled from top quality material and circuit boards to ensure durability and performance, our batteries are equipped with grade A battery cells that provide more than 1000 charging cyclesCOMPATIBLE WITH THE FOLLOWING MODELS & PART NUMBERS: 0F1KTM | 0MC34Y | 1W2Y2 | 242WD | 451-BBSY | F1KTM | GG4FM | J60J5 | J6oJ5 | MC34Y | NJJ2H | P26S | P26S001 | WYWJ2 | 12 E7270 | 12 E7470 | 14 E7470 | E7260 | E7270