The Triple Brush Bar Glass Washer is an essential part of the bar tender's supply kit. The three brush design makes dishwashing quick and efficient, as the scrubber cleans both the inside and outside of the glass in just a few quick swipes. Place the Glass Scrubber in the washer section of a stainless steel sink, pressing firmly on the high quality suction cups for a firm foundation. Using both hands, place two glasses on each outside brush, turn, and swipe, allowing the soft, durable bristles to scrub the inside while the middle brush cleans the exterior.

Quickly and easily clean all your barware, wine glasses, pint shakers, or beer mugs, to a squeaky clean shine. The Brush Glass Scrubber is constructed of high quality materials for durability and professionalism. The base is made of commercial quality PVC, featuring four suction cups for a solid and strong foundation for your dishwashing station. The three removal brushes include a screw on base and soft, yet strong nylon bristles for consistency and performance in cleaning. The Brush Glass Cleaner makes a wonderful addition to your home kitchen as well.

The triple sink brush works perfectly as a bottle brush cleaner for baby bottles, kitchen glassware, and other dishwashing tasks. Simply attach the bottle cleaning brush to the base of your sink and clean bottles quickly and efficiently. Whether used in the kitchen, restaurant, or bar, the Brush Glass Washer is a quality accessory for your dishwashing needs!