Strong signal: long-distance through walls, exclusive equipment for solving weak signals, CMCC long-distance reception. Equipped with 5M USB data cable to improve signal better.
Desktop wireless Internet access: Insert the network card into the USB interface of the desktop computer, you can search for wireless routers and wifi signals, realize wireless Internet access, and enjoy the wireless network world easily.
Shell material: Our wireless network card shell is made of brand-new ABS material, which can withstand impact, high temperature and low temperature; it has fine workmanship, can effectively prevent rain, sun, water, and freeze, and has a longer service life.
USB extension cable: It is made of pure steel core with double-layer shielding function. Its main function is to protect the insulation from all kinds of light, heat, damp, low temperature, acid and alkali gases, and to ensure more stable data transmission.
Package includes: 1 X WIFI Receiver (with 5mUSB extension cable)