??High Thermal Conduction ??This processor thermal grease thermal conductivity up to 13.5W /m-K, be working in a harsh environment with the intelligent factor. Thermal paste cpu guarantees that heat generated from the CPU, laptop, or GPU is dissipated efficiently. ??Stability and reliability????Smaller thermal resistance of the thermal paste, more stable the high thermal conductivity. The thermal resistance of ALSEYE T9+ thermal grease is less than 0.0025, Your radiator can maintain efficient heat dissipation performance stably.
??Safe Application??: Thermal grease cpu is formulated with thermally conductive filler particles and optimized silicone polymers to help improve the performance of high-end circuitry systems, thermal compound paste non-electrical conductive which eliminates any risks of causing a short circuit, adding more protection to the processor.
??Easy to Use??: PC thermal paste is Non-corrosive, very easy to apply even for beginners, Material remains stable after the container is opened; this thermal paste kit' viscosity will not change over time, Can be used multiple times.
??Invironment??: CPU paste practical packaging bag of our thermal compound paste helps us to reduce the environmental impact of packaging materials by about 40% and thereby save resources.