EXTREMELY high thermal conductivity of 12.5KW achieved with even smaller particles is perfect for even the most demanding configurations and can also be used in industrial cooling systemsTHERMAL COMPOUND PASTE EASY TO USE - Thanks to a specially constructed syringe and a spatula for spreading thermal grease included. It guarantees a simple pleasant and precise distribution of the paste on your processor or graphics cardLONG ACTION - Provides long-lasting effect thanks to its characteristic and specialized structure Kryonaut thermal paste does not dry out even at 80?? Celsius degreesSURPRISING EFFECTS - Already at the first use of this thermal solution you may experience a drop in temperature which will reduce the loudness of your equipment and improve the comfort of useNUMBER 1 ON THE MARKET - Confirmed by many tests the most popular choice meets the highest quality standards not only of standard computer users but also of avid Overclocking fans