This is a custom built cable assembly by WORLDS BEST CABLES (WBC). This cable assembly is made using the Mogami 2964 wire and Amphenol ACPR Gold RCA Connectors. We at WBC always make world-class custom-built cable assemblies using many of the leading cable and connector brands if you are unable to find the length and type of cable you are looking for please feel free to contact us we will strive to assemble the required cable for you. The brand of wire we used for this custom cable assembly: Mogami one of the most sought after Pro cable brands preferred by major recording studios and leading sound engineers around the world. All Mogami cables are made in Nagano - Japan using the best materials and technological expertise of decades of R&D. The brand of connector we used for this custom cable assembly: Amphenol ACPR RCA/Phono plugs with smooth Satin body are high-end professional-grade RCA connectors. Gold plated Brass contacts enhance conductivity. Insulation prevents any shorting inside. Colored rubber flexible grommet grants best strain reliefAll our custom made cables are professionally soldered with a Proprietary 4% Silver solder blend; especially developed by WORLDS BEST CABLES we also use a specially developed Proprietary Nitrogen-Assisted soldering process that is unique to us which exceeds the highest industry standards the overall integrity of the solder joints are greatly improved in comparison to traditional soldering processes. These are custom made cables lovingly assembled by WORLDS BEST CABLES we offer the largest array of custom built cables in the market we carry all the major cable and connector brands. We have served millions of customers with quality assemblies for many years - This sale is for a pair of cables each cable is 2 feet long (2 cables for left and right channels).