3.5 mm to 2
RCA: 90 Degree Angled 3.5 mm Male jack on one end and 2 Male RCA connectors on the other end.
Bi-Directional: This 90 aux jack to 2rca Y cable works both directions from 3.5 mm in to 2rca out or from 2rca in to 3.5 mm out. 90 Degree Angled Connector for
Saving Space: Special 90 degree right angle 3.5 mm stereo aux design allows connecting to tight spaces that is hard to reach or narrow areas where normal straight connectors are unavailable.
Durability and Maximum Shielding: Metal braid and aluminum foil dual shielding nylon & cotton braided protective jacket strong durable and flexible well protection against RF/EM interference.
Excellent Audio Quality: 24K gold plated connectors and tinned oxygen-free copper cores ensuring optimal stereo audio transmission.