8K Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort 2.0 CableMini DisplayPort to DisplayPort 8K cable allows you to connect from a Mini DisplayPort equipped desktop to a Big DisplayPort equipped 8K external monitor for a larger picture and video experience. monitor TV or projector screen. Supports bi-directional transmission; compatible with Macbook series laptops' thunderbolt 1 and thunderbolt 2 ports. Bi-directional Transfer & Single Wire Bi-directionalBi-directional transfer mini dp to dp 8K cable. This cable supports bi-directional transmission both from the mini dp laptop to the display port monitor and from the display port computer to the mini display port monitor.

DisplayPort up to 2.0 StandardDisplayPort 2.0 standard Ultra HD 8K video gaming and picture experience Mini DP-DisplayPort cable supports resolutions up to 8K (7680X4320) @ 60Hz 4K (3840x2160) @ 144Hz 2K @ 240Hz 8K Image quality smooth huge experience support 3D visual effects. displayPort up to version 2.0 support up to 77.4G bps bandwidth backward compatible with DisplayPort 2.0 1.4 refresh rate experience widely used in gaming and a wide range of other scenariosStability Durability and Wide CompatibilityGold-plated solid copper plugs rugged 24K gold-plated connectors and multiple shielding processes minimize signal loss and noise ensuring stable video and audio transmission without latency.

In addition 8K mini displayPort is made of high quality nylon braided cable material with excellent durability inside and out and is widely compatible with MacBook Pro Macbook Air Surface Pro Mac Mini and other laptops with mini display ports. Mini DP to DP 8K cable. In use it connects directly from the mini DP laptop to the display port monitor. Quality assurance BRIMFORD products are sold in USA/Europe/UK/Japan and have been well received by many customers. The products have 6 months equipment warranty and lifetime technical support if there is any fault during the warranty period please feel free to contact us.