Mini DisplayPort 1.4 Version Extension Cable 8K@60HZ. Male to Female. About 12 inch / 0.3 meter. Short and Flexible cord is easy to carry. Exquisite Picture Quality. 8K Mini DisplayPort Ultra HD Extension Cable Support refresh rate up to 8K@60HZ 4K@144HZ 2K@165HZ. Resolution up to 7680x4320. 3D Visual Effects and Enjoy Stereoscopic. 8K Mini DisplayPort Supports high-bandwidth HBR3 DSC 1.2 display stream compression and HDR10. Rate up to 32.4G bps bandwidth. Mini DisplayPort 1.4 version adapter backwards compatible with Mini DisplayPort 1.3 / 1.2 version. Caution. Lower version outputs cannot enjoy all the features of version 1.4.

For example. Connect a device of version 1.3 Mini DisplayPort only the functions of version 1.3 can be output. The 8K Mini DisplayPort adapter extension cable uses 28AWG tinned copper material and triple shielding to transmit stable video and audio signals. 90 degree angle support. The 90-degree DP 1.4 version adapter cable can help you solve difficult work scenarios such as connection in a small space avoid the bending of the cable connection port to affect the output and make our right-angle end output easier. Before purchasing please carefully choose the angle you need to avoid unnecessary trouble.