Extend 3.5 mm
Aux Port: J&D Headphone Extension Cable seamlessly connects devices with auxiliary jack (like phones tablets MP3 players laptops PCs) to headphones speakers or car audio systems; solves the issue of insufficient original cable length; compatible with iPhones compatible with iPodsHigh-Fidelity
Sound Quality: features multi-layer shielding and gold-plated connectors; greatly reduces radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) ensuring a complete lossless transmission of audio signalsDurable and
Long-Lasting: crafted with a flexible PVC jacket and a copper shell to prevent oxidation and corrosion; boasts a bending life of over 10 000 cycles ensuring no breakage or damage even after prolonged use enhancing the cable's durabilityProtect
Your Aux Port: not only extends your 3.5 mm cable but also protects the auxiliary port of your device from repeated plugging and unplugging; avoid purchasing a new device by simply opting for this auxiliary extension cableWarranty: J&D provides 1-year product warranty and offers high-standard customer service available 24 hours a day