Our CTIA-standard headset extension cable with 3.5 mm/aux connectors (male to female) transmits audio signals in brilliant quality to headsets or headphones with a microphone C and supports functions like next pause play and micAn additional almost break-proof metal shell surrounds the solder points of the high-quality plug C for maximum robustness and breakage resistance. The female connector guarantees a tight fit for interference-free signal transmissionA PVC jacket protects the high-purity copper conductors of the aux extension cable C yet the cable remains incredibly flexible. The end-to-end shielding and gold-plated connectors guarantee undistorted signal qualityUndisputed warranty: 36-month manufacturers warrantyUse this audio jack extension cable to connect your headphones (in-ear over-ear on-ear) headset or microphone with a jack plug (aux/ 3.5 mm) to your PC/laptop stereo system/Hi-Fi or smartphone/phone/tablet