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The NA-HC4 chromax.black heatsink covers are an add-on accessory for Noctua's award-winning NH-D15, NH-D15S and NH-D15 SE-AM4 CPU coolers. Made from high-quality aluminium with black powder-coating finish, they allow users to give the cooler a sleek stealth look that is right at home in all-black builds and goes nicely with many other popular colour schemes. Thanks to the easy, straightforward installation, changing the looks of your NH-D15(S) cooler only takes a few minutes and doesn't even require taking it off the CPU. Combined with chromax.black.swap edition NF-A15, fans, the two NA-HC4 chromax.black covers give you the option to turn your NH-D15(S) into an all-black powerhouse that looks just as great as it cools.


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chromax.black design
The NA-HC4 chromax.black editon features a deep black powder-coating finish that gives a unique, sleek stealth look when combined with black industrialPPC or chromax.black.swap fans and chromax.black anti-vibration pads. What a match for black motherboards, case interiors and all-black builds!  
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Match with industrialPPC or chromax fans and pads
Noctua's chromax line heatsink covers are a perfect match for the black industrialPPC and chromax.black.swap fans, both of which can be colour-customised using chromax anti-vibration pads and cables (available in black, white, red, blue, green and yellow).  
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Easy installation
Installing Noctua's chromax line heatsink covers is child's play: Put the fixture on top of the cooler, secure it with the steel clip, slide on the cover until the magnets snap into place - done! You don't even have to remove the cooler from the CPU or take off the fan.  
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Endless options for customisation
Do you want to give your entire heatsink a custom colour to take things one step further? While spray-painting heatsinks is difficult and reduces performance, Noctua's powder-coated chromax covers can easily be repainted with custom colours and decorations.


High-quality powder-coated aluminium

Tired of flimsy, thin plastic faceplates? The chromax line heatsink covers are made from sturdy, 1mm-thick aluminium and feature a scratch-resistant powder-coating finish in order to match the build quality of your Noctua heatsink.


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Please Note:

These covers will increase the height of the heatsink by 5mm (from 160 to 165mm) and the width by 3mm (from 150mm to 153mm). Please make sure that your case offers sufficient clearance and that the covers don't make contact with any other components such as PCIe cards!

  • Colour: black



Scope of delivery
  • 2x NA-HC4 chromax.black heatsink covers (set includes 2 covers for outfitting both fin-stacks)

Cooler Compatibility
  • NH-D15
  • NH-D15 SE-AM4
  • NH-D15S
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