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Nippon Labs High Speed HDMI to DVI-D Cable Adapter Cable

Nippon Labs High Speed HDMI to DVI-D Cable Adapter Cable

The Nippon Labs HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable connects computers & other source devices with HDMI outputs such as Blu-Ray players, Xbox 360 to DVI equipped televisions or monitors. Provides maximum support for resolutions up to 1920 x 1200. This cable supports high-bandwidth, uncompressed video & provides your system with high-definition video quality.


Convert your Computer into a Home Entertainment Center

- Turns your computer to a Home Theater center where you can watch computer based media on your TV or a projector.

- Connects computers with DVI connections such as home-theater PCs, Mac minis, & some laptops-to a HDMI equipped HDTV or other display device with HDMI connection.

- For office professionals, you can use this cable to create quality presentations using your projector. For home users, the cable will help you turn your computer into a virtual home-entertainment center, so you can watch all your computer-based media on your home-theater screen.


Up to 1080P

  • Supports full HD video
  • Excellent resolutions up to 1080P

Double Shielded, Stable Transmission

  • 24K Gold-plated full metal connectors
  • Oxygen free copper lines, double shielded design
  • Minimum transmission signal loss


  • Duplicate your screen for sharing information
  • Mirror mode is ideal for making presentations
  • Perfect for Conferences, Education, Gaming, Home Theater setup etc.


  • Laptop and External Display can show different screens with Extend mode for easy Multi-tasking
  • Excellent Video Resolution - up to 1920 * 1200
  • Supports Full HD 1080p videos


  • HDMI to DVI adapter cable connects a computer graphics card with DVI to a monitor or HDTV with HDMI input
  • DVI to HDMI adapter cable also connects an HDMI source device such as a Blu-ray player, Apple TV, Roku, Play Station 3/4, Xbox One/360, or Nintendo Wii to a monitor with DVI-D input


> Most of the Newer Generation Graphic Cards are able to transmit sound via HDMI-DVI cable through Sound Chips in the Graphics Card.

> Graphic Cards such as Nvidia 8000-series (or newer), ATI/AMD HD5000-series (or newer), Radeon 2000 are compatible with this HDMI-DVI Cable.

NOTE: For Sound Transmission through HDMI to DVI cable PLEASE ensure that the latest graphic cards & newest audio drivers are installed.