SAFE APPLICATION: The thermal paste is metal-free and non-conductive eliminating the risk of short circuits and providing more protection for CPU/GPU and VGA cards. Low thermal resistance can keep mushy for a long time. Wide operating temperature range stable performance even in the environment of -60??-250??EXCELLENT
THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY: Thermal Paste has a very high thermal conductivity This ensures that heat from the CPU/GPU is dissipated quickly & efficientlyEASY
TO APPLY: Thermal paste is easy to use even for beginners without any difficultyHIGH
DURABILITY: Contrary to metal and silicon thermal paste this thermal paste will not be damaged over time. Once applied you donu2019t need to apply again because it can be used for at least 6 yearsService
Support: If you have any issues about Thermal Paste please contact us. We will offer you with a satisfactory solution. Free download User Manual Technology Service Problem issue and more support in OS-STORE Blog