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Note: There are 2 options here, "1x4" "1x8", please buy the right option according to your needs. We'll send you the options for your purchase.
Product Introduction:
This is 8 Port Video Audio AV 3RCA Splitter Box for HDTV DVD. It enables 8 AV output devices to share 1 AV input. So it can be used in your home, office, restaurant, shopping plaza, hotel, factory, etc, to show the one AV input on 8 different AV output devices like TV or other devices with standard AV (yellow-red-white) connector.
Product Feature:
On/Off switch
LED power indicator
Powered by AC adapter
No additional software needed
High quality component, advanced circuit techniques design
Isolation, the output signal is not distorted, do not interfere with each other
Product Specification:
Input: AC 100-240V/150mA
Output: DC 9V/600mA
Interface Type: 1 AV(yellow-red-white)input
8 AV(yellow-red-white)output
Package Content:
1 x AV Splitter Box (1X4 or 1x8)
1 x AC Adapter
1 x User Manual