Simple Null Modem extension cable (3 wire type and no hardware handshaking) extends a COM port connection between computer and some old device with RS-232 compatible (NOT VGA CABLE) Wired as a 9 pin serial port Null-Modem cord that 2-3 line are crosslinked (only TX/RX data and signal ground wires connected); standard shielded with AL foilDB9 male to female crossover adapter extender equipped with screws on each end to ensure an easy and solid connection for stable data communicationThe wires inside are of 30AWG gauge and easy to solder to, and they connect to the pins in the order of the standard wire color code5 feet short serial extender cord for hooking up RS232C equipment like scanner, Modem, printer, plotter, camera, barcode / embroidery machine, touchscreen, microcontroller, factory test equipment