Do you want a simple easy-to-connect temporary external drive solution for your eSATAp equipped desktop or laptop PC to a internal SATA drive? This is the cable to get! This cable has an eSATAp (powered external SATA) connector on one end and a standard SATA internal drive connector (with power) on the other end. You can easily connect any internal SATA drive to your PC's internal SATA bus from outside your PC by using this cable and your eSATAp port. Your PC will see the drive the same as if it was installed into your PC without requiring any software installation. This cable will support 2. 5" SATA HDDs on any system equipped with an eSATAp port. It will also support 3. 5" SATA HDDs and 5. 25" optical drives on a desktop system equipped with a 12V eSATAp port.
UPC NO:710348865772