Solar Wireless Alarms: The solar wireless driveway alarm system alerts you at anytime the outdoor solar sensor detects motion from people, vehicles or large animals. 1. The sensor is rechargeable battery powered and solar charges, no need replace the battery of the sensor. Monitors your property all the day and night. 2. The solar sensor is weather resistant, will work properly at all the seasons. Working temperature range from -30 to 150 degree Fahrenheit. 3. Up to 1/2 mile long wireless transmission range (ideal conditions), it is a great solution even to monitor the long driveway/large property/and etc; 4. Up to 70FT wide sensor detection range and 3 adjustable sensitivities(High=70ft, Medium=50ft, Low=25ft), ideal for driveways, walking paths, yard, garage, gate, pool and anywhere of your property you want to be alerted. 5. Improved wireless transmission technology(FSK+FHSS) to avoid the signal interference from other wireless devices. 6. Detects motion in up to 4 different zones. Alerts with Light and sound. 7. Indoor receiver has 4 adjustable volume levels and 35 optional melodies, match different melody with different sensor around your property to differentiate where motion is being detected(Such as the melody for the front door is Ding Dong, and for the backyard is Jingle Bells) 8.

Fully expandable system, up to 4 sensors can be added to the receiver and 1 sensor can be added to unlimited receivers. Restart the receivers or sensors will not miss the records. 9. focus on developing Solar Wireless Alarms more than 20 years, has several kinds of solar transmitters and receivers which have different functions for different application and environment, and all the products can work together. 10. Guaranteed 2-Years Warranty.