Product InformationLength: 1M/ 3.3FEET micro5p male B-type male 2PCS?? Product FunctionConnect the micro male plug to the mobile phone and the other B male plug to the electronic organ electric piano and the B-type interface of the printer?? Compatible DevicesMIC meat to USB type B cable is for connecting MacBook to smart Android phone tablet computer keyboard piano printer (such as HP Canon Lexmark Epson) and other USB devices or laptops computers (Mac/PC) or other USB Ideal for-to enable the device.?? Safety PerformanceThe high quality of the Micro to USB B cable ensures stable and fast data transmission without noise or signal loss. Mold stress relief and PVC make the cable bend freely which is more durable and has a longer service life.?? NoteThe mobile phone must have the OTG function. At the same time it is not completely universal to connect the mobile phone to the printer. It is necessary for the mobile phone and the printer to have this printing function and download the printing software and drivers at the same time to achieve