This DB25 25-pin male-to-female cable can be used to increase the data rate and two-way communication between IEEE-1284 compatible printers scanners and other compatible peripherals and the PC. High-quality PVC housing wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant nickel-plated at the interface effectively guarantee the transmission speed the connection is fixed with standard general screws the connection is firm and the use is safe.
Cable length: 140cm / 4.5 feet it is a direct connection of all 25 lines (non-NULL modem cable)SB25 male-to-female parallel cable is suitable for connecting computers and printers and other parallel port devices and transmitting signals. Plug and play no driver requiredTo enjoy the higher data transfer rate and two-way communication of a printer or scanner compatible with IEEE-1284 you need a cable with a connection connector and a dedicated line type which will be your good choice